▷ Cineol (Eucaliptor) | Qualities and medicinal properties

In cannabis plants are found about 100 types of cannabinoids and even about 200 different terpenes, among which is the eucalyptol (cineole). When we smell some plants and we detect a fresh and minty smell in them it is due to this substance. The surprising thing about it is that, not only does it contribute to the aroma of certain plants, but it also has medicinal properties that help improve our health. Do you want to know more about the cineole? We explain it to you below.

What is cineole or eucalyptol?

The eucalyptol (also called 1.8 cineole) is an aromatic terpene present in a good number of plants. This substance is responsible for the smell produced by plants such as eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, mint, sweet basil and some varieties of cannabis, since it is found naturally in all of these.


The eucalyptol It is a substance that is used artificially in products related to the skin, gums or other topical areas, which is why it is present in a large number of cosmetic products.

The properties of cineole they have been studied for a long time. Some scientific studies have shown that it helps treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, respiratory insufficiencies and fights cancer cells.

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Medicinal properties of cineole

Brain activator


The cineole It is one of the terpenes that help activate our central nervous system, thus helping to enhance memory and learning. The tiny size of these terpenes allows them to overcome the so-called barrier blood brain, so they have a direct effect on the brain.

To verify that this was true, in 2012 a study was carried out in which the effects of cineole about memory and learning.

22 participants were exposed to an essence of Rosemary oil about a room where they were doing a math test.

In it a correlation between the number of correct answers and the levels of cineole in blood.

In this way it was shown that the cineole it was absorbed through the nose and went directly to the lungs, so that directly affected the brain crossing the blood brain barrier.

The blood brain barrier It is the barrier that separates the bloodstream from the cerebrospinal fluid, which is the fluid in which the brain and spinal cord bathe.

Thanks to this discovery, it was shown that the cineole has the ability to contribute to cognitive improvement, so it can help prevent and treat Alzheimer’s or dementia in early stages.

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Ally against lung infections

The asthma is a very common disease that consists of chronic inflammation of the airways and that suffers a large number of people.

A study published in 2004 confirmed that the eucalyptol is one of the possible treatments against asthma and other lung inflammations, since it works like anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


Another study carried out in 2009 by German scientists conducted a test on 200 patients who suffered exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

In it he supplied a quantity of 200 mg of cineole half of them and others 200 mg of placebo to the rest.

These patients had to take their doses three times a day for a period of six months, coinciding with the winter months.

After that time, all the patients were analyzed and it was discovered that those who had taken their dose of 200 mg of cineole during the six months they had improved their breathing capacity.

However, those who were treated with placebo did not notice any improvement.

In this way, it was confirmed that a treatment with eucalyptol helps to improve certain lung infections.

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Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects

Another of the medicinal properties of cineole is his anti-inflammatory effect.

This effect is not achieved solely through inhalation, but also works as a topical for the body, helping reduce pain or the swellings.

Although, without a doubt, one of the most surprising effects of this substance is its action anticancer.


Studies published in 2002 by Japanese scientists, demonstrated the efficacy of cineole against leukemia.

These researchers succeeded in proving that the cineol fought the lines cell leukemia, inducing the apoptosis, programmed cell death.

The apoptosis makes the cells of our body are gradually renewed so that everything works properly inside us.

Uncontrolled apoptosis can lead to health problems, including some types of Cancer, which result in a cellular mutation.

The cineole has the ability to suppress the growth of lines cell phones carcinogenic.

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